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    Lynton Tennis Court

    Lynton has two tennis courts which are located off Crossmead, at the junction near Lyn Candles (Crossmead/Lee Road). There is free parking for court users.  Visitors have priority usage over the top court, whilst members have priority over the lower court.

    Courts are available all year round for £10 per 2-hours from Mr. Baker, at Lyn Candles, who will also provide a court key for a deposit of  £5.

    Visitors can buy a “temporary membership” from the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) in the Post Office for £20 which will entitle them to free access for 2 weeks. Temporary members will still have to collect the keys from Mr. Baker, but there will be no additional charge other than the refundable key deposit.

    During the summer on Saturday afternoons, the club holds open sessions whereby anyone can just turn up and, if enough, hopefully get a game.

    Spare racquets and balls are available for use.

    For more info please contact Ian Cooper at