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Council car parks

North Devon Council have been forced to close the permit holders car park at Lynbridge due to severe health and safety issues which have come to light following an external engineer's inspection of the structure.

North Devon Council have established that issues with regard to the condition of the surface, edge protection and the structure itself need investigation to establish the integrity of the car park. This will take time and at this point North Devon Council do not have any indication of the timescales involved or the likely outcome of these inspections.

The structure itself was erected in 1952, it is now over 70 years old. Engineering structures of this nature have an economic and physical lifespan, even with remedial works.

North Devon Council apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate that this is going to cause significant inconvenience to local residents, but we have to put health and safety first, for both permit holders using the car spaces and the general public.