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Terms of reference


  • To review all personnel procedures; be a first contact for all employee/employer matters; advise Full Council accordingly on such matters and act on its instructions when called upon
  • This Committee does not have delegated powers and therefore cannot make decisions binding on the Council or incur expenditure without approval of Full Council
  • The Committee shall consist of six members appointed annually at the Annual Meeting of Council in May
  • The Committee Chairman shall be the Mayor and appointed annually at its first meeting following the Annual meeting of Council in May
  • The Committee shall meet
    1. at the request of the Chairman or
    2. at the request of two members of the Committee or
    3. at the Clerks request via the Chairman
  • All business of the Committee shall be conducted in closed session (Part 2) and shall remain confidential, other than to Full Council as necessary, who will also hear confidential matters in Part 2
  • Notes of meetings will be taken by an appointed person and such notes shall be presented to Full Council in closed session (Part 2) where appropriate and approved at the next meeting of the Committee

Specific Roles

  • To review and update annually where necessary, all documents relating to employees; in conjunction with the Town Clerk; and recommend any changes to Full Council
  • To manage all tasks connected to the recruitment of key roles:
    • Town Clerk
    • Finance Officer
    • Works Foreman
    • Secretary
    as a vacancy arises, subject to a recommendation on the preferred candidate being put forward to Full Council for approval by resolution
  • To provide a supporting role to all employees including a liaison on all matters of difference and concern relating to employees
  • To ensure necessary policies and procedures are addressed in accordance with relevant legal requirements, and the outcome of any discussions on employment matters are fully reported to Full Council to consider appropriate action
  • To ensure annual appraisals of staff are undertaken [according to NDC Staff Annual Appraisal Policy] and recommendations are reported to Full Council
  • To ensure a system is in place to deal with day to day liaison matters with the Town Clerk and to receive their reports on sickness absence and other staff matters
  • To act as the ‘First Committee’ in staff complaints’, grievance and discipline resolution
  • The remaining six Town Councillors will form an unbiased Appeals, ‘Second Committee’ if an Appeal against decisions of the First Committee or dispute resolution is required
  • To undertake any other work authorised by Full Council